Facebook Mobile Ad Revenue Soars

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By the third quarter of 2013, mobile advertising accounting for nearly half of Facebook’s overall ad revenue — up from almost nothing at the start of 2012. That trend is expected to continue in 2014 as mobile becomes the greatest area of ad revenue, according to JPMorgan’s annual Nothing But ‘Net report released this week.

Indeed, the report authored by analyst Doug Anmuth projects mobile advertising surpassed desktop advertising in the fourth quarter of 2013 and will rise to 63% of total ad dollars this year.

“Quite simply, mobile has moved from a headwind in 2013 to a tailwind in 2014,” he wrote. “We note that Facebook’s mobile revenue growth has been robust, despite relatively modest ad load increases, suggesting users, usage and ad-quality improvements can continue to drive strong revenue growth going forward.”

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Mobile LAVA Event, Thursday, Jan. 16th @Cross Campus

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We are pleased to announce our first Mobile LAVA program for the year 2014, Mobile Ad-Tech: A Look Forward in 2014. For our January 16th program we have assembled a panel of experts who will share with us the state of digital advertising in the mobile space. Opening remarks by Mike Vorhaus, President of Magid Advisors.”Many startups rely on advertising as a primary


means to generate revenue for their mobile apps, websites, and consumer initiatives. However, porting the desktop banner ad model over to the smaller screen proved difficult if not impossible. Yet, innovative technologies, interactive paradigms, and ways of thinking about the mobile user are having a positive effect.


According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, mobile advertising increased 145% by the end of Q2 2013 to total $3.0 billion, up from $1.2 billion in the first six months of 2012.


Further evidence is exhibited by Facebook who seems be justifying its IPO share price based upon the company’s ability to finally monetize its huge mobile audience. In fact, the New York Times reported in October 2013 that mobile ads accounted for 49% of its $1.8 billion in advertising revenue in Q3 2013.

  • What does all this mean for startups, entrepreneurs, and early stage mobile companies?
  • What does the mobile advertising ecosystem look like, and how do the various players interact?
  • Most importantly, what can we look forward to in 2014 as it relates to mobile advertising technology?

We and our panelists look forward to answering these and many more questions.

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Local Journalism Is Artisanal, Not Industrial

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AOL maintains that its Patch hyper-local news venture is not shutting down, but it has clearly failed to meet the promise of CEO Tim Armstrong’s vision — because the model it was built on was the wrong approach to the problem, says Mathew Ingram.

Comments: Local Journalism Is Artisanal, Not Industrial | NetNewsCheck.com.

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IAB’s Mobile Marketing Centre of Excellence fly into Washington DC to talk data and privacy

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Data and privacy are now increasingly key topics for discussion in digital businesses due to various bills being discussed in the USA and the EU Privacy and Communications Directive. To this end, the IAB USA MMCoE (Mobile Marketing Centre of Excellence) organised a fly-in to Washington DC to meet with congressmen/congresswomen and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Representing the interests of mobile stakeholders from the IAB MMCoE Board of Directors in Washington DC were Adfonic, Google, Microsoft, Tribune Co. Univision, and The Weather Channel, together with members of the IAB USA.

The goal of the fly-in to Washington DC was for companies in the space to create a presence and give visibility of achievements with politicians. Both the IAB US and the members of the IAB MMCoE took this opportunity to present the key benefits that advertising delivers to consumers such as ad funded models and the growth of the developer ecosystem. It was noted that these benefits are additional to the economic contribution in terms of revenue and direct/indirect job creation that mobile advertising has delivered to date. The information shared on the day will provide the congressmen/congresswomen with a firmer understanding of the benefits and lead them to consider the IAB and the companies present as a key resource as future issues arise.

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As Facebook Eyes Up Little Eye Labs, Twitter Is Also Looking At A Startup In India

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A company (Frrole.com) that I’m advising just got some nice buzz on Techcrunch:

Reports of Facebook looking to acquire Bangalore-based Little Eye Labs highlight a growing interest from the Internet’s biggest firms in acquiring engineering and startup talent from India. But Facebook is not the only one.

Twitter has been eyeing up an acquisition of Bangalore-based Frrole, a big data startup that sifts through half a billion Twitter posts every month to offer insights about users. Sources directly familiar with the negotiations tell me that the companies are still exploring ways to make it work.

Facebook has declined to comment on the report, and Little Eye Labs officials were unavailable for comment at the time of writing this post. But sources familiar with the Bangalore-based startup said “as of now, there’s nothing on the table.” We know a lot happens before such deals “actually get on the table” but this person tells me for now the report is, indeed, pure speculation.

Twitter had not responded to my email seeking comments on its interest in Frrole.

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