TwinBird Consulting

TwinBird Consulting, Inc. specializes in assisting companies seeking to develop new revenue streams from digital and mobile platforms.  Tying the launch of more effective digital and mobile marketing strategies and product initiatives to actionable revenue drivers are the key to how we partner with clients.

Core competencies include:

• Sales Strategy and Execution Planning:  understanding emerging technologies and how to leverage them to drive sales.

• Investment, acquisition and strategic advisory support. • Marketing Strategy: market identification, segmentation, positioning and targeting.

• Product Marketing: product research, needs identification and analysis, competitive mapping and strategy, product requirements, product roadmap, market and sales launch, pricing and packaging.

• Marketing Execution: direct mail, email, digital and mobile marketing, trade show planning and execution, product brochures, copywriting, website strategy, product planning and launch, product requirements development, marketing communications and public relations activities.

Clients have included major media companies, companies in the mobile platform, mobile commerce, and mobile healthcare spaces, as well as digital commerce and software industries.

We are currently NOT accepting assignments for 2019.  To engage our services, please contact:  andy (at) twinbirdconsulting (dot) (com).