Glu Mobile CEO: Google Glass Could Trigger Another “iPhone Moment”

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Media

Stepping into unknown territory, mobile game developer Glu Mobile announced last week that it had developed a word game, “Spellista,” for the Google Glass wearable device. Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masie said he believes Glass may deliver “an iPhone moment” in terms of big changes for gaming that are as significant as the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007.

In an interview with VentureBeat, de Masie said: “I’m cautiously optimistic that this is an iPhone moment, so to speak. If you think about how quickly hardware and software progress these days, this thing—I’m sure you’ve heard that the prototypes now are not even two years old. They were the size of a laptop. Look at it now. Imagine where it’ll be in two more years or four more years. There’s a miniaturization opportunity where that could get small enough so that I could go to Lenscrafters and install it as an option on my glasses. That day will come. The question is when.”

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Mobile Commerce Continues To Skyrocket In U.S.

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Media

An unofficial assessment for Q4 2013 mobile commerce could see the total climb to $9 billion in the U.S. — up from comScore’s $5.8 billion estimate for sales from tablets and smartphones in the prior quarter.


No official forecast yet on mcommerce, but Andrew Lipsman, vice president of marketing and insights at comScore, said he expects it to come close to “$9 billion, with an outside shot of hitting $10 billion.”


comScore Friday said Q3 2013 U.S. desktop-based retail e-commerce sales grew 13% year-over-year to $47.5 billion, marking the 16th consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth and the twelfth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.


Mobile commerce spending on smartphones and tablets grew 26% compared with the year-ago quarter, for a total of $53.2 billion in Q3 for digital commerce spending.


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Webinar: Introducing the MMA Location Terminology Guide (Oct. 15)

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One of the most valuable components of the mobile marketing revolution, location data has revolutionized marketing outreach by offering an unprecedented advantage for marketers to connect with consumers at the right place and time. Location-based ad targeting alone is slated to be a $9 billion industry in a matter of a few years. But understanding how location data works and how it impacts your business can be a real challenge. Location data can come from WiFi, cell towers, GPS, self-reporting or some combination thereof. How it can be used for ad targeting, measurement and marketing can be even more complex, let alone considering privacy implications of what’s possible and what isn’t. Fortunately, the Mobile Marketing Association, the leading global trade association for the mobile marketing industry, via its Location Committee, has developed “The Location Terminology Guide,” which outlines fundamental technologies, measurements and strategies across the location space. So now confusion and complexity no longer need to stand as a roadblock in enabling you to use location data for the benefit of your business. Come learn about the Location guide and get some initial insight into how to use Location data for your advantage. Register here.

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Deals Still Lucrative For Local Media

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Despite Groupon’s post-IPO troubles and repeated dismissals of the deals space as dead, local media companies are still turning to daily deals as a viable revenue source. “The deals space has leveled off,” says Patrick Dillon, president and co-founder of Deal Current. “Now, it’s going to start growing again.”
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Shopular Raises $6.4 Million For Real-Time Mobile Deals

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Shopular Raises $6.4 Million For Real-Time Mobile Deals
Last December, Y Combinator-backed Shopular launched a mobile app that runs in the background to monitor a consumer’s location and then automatically generates valid and place-appropriate coupons. On Thursday, the company said it had raised $6.4 million in a Series A round, led by Sequoia Capital. As part of the deal, Sequoia’s Tim Lee will join the company’s board of directors.

With the funding, co-founder Navneet Loiwal said the company plans to expand its four-person team, which includes former Google and Shopkick employees, and invest in marketing.

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Economist To Papers: Don’t Blame Internet |

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Google’s chief economist Hal Varian, in a presentation in Italy, said the decline in daily newspapers began long before the Internet was part of the equation. Varian also noted that newspapers have never made their money from news, so the idea that they can suddenly  start charging for their news content online makes no sense. “‘Pure news’ has very high social value to interested readers,” he said, “but has low commercial value due to the difficulty of showing contextual relevant ads.”

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Comments: Economist To Papers: Don’t Blame Internet |

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