LA Travel Guide – Start-Up Edition II

Last minute trip to Los Angeles without enough time to fully plan? No problem.

Have you ever thought about leveraging LA’s robust startup options to plan your trip? Here’s a head start so you can hit the ground running and Startup-ify your weekend here in the Southland, ensuring your time in the City of Angels is top shelf.
la travel
Here’s how you can utilize the best of what the LA startup scene has to offer.

–It’s Friday and you’ve dipped out of work early to catch a late afternoon flight into LAX. Thanks, boss! While you’re waiting for your flight, you useOneFineStay to make a last-minute reservation. Go ahead and book that luxury apartment downtown, you deserve it!

–After you put the final touches on your reservation, you suddenly realize that you know absolutely nothing about Los Angeles. With only a few minutes left before boarding, it’s time to see what’s up with the City of Angels. That’s whereTrippy has you covered. Ask native Angelenos about their favorite spots, activities and what you absolutely can’t miss. Stick to the path or make your own. Doing either is made easier with Trippy.

–You begin boarding your flight. But, oh wait, what’s this? You’ve been upgraded to first class? Make all of your friends back home jealous with a quick Snapchatstory. If you didn’t put it on Snapchat, did it actually even happen? Probably not.

–After hopping off the plane at LAX like your idol Miley, you need a way to get to your place. Through much coercion, one of your friends in LA sacrifices their Friday night plans to pick you up from LAX. Even after breaking down on the 405 and using HONK to get roadside assistance, your friend pulls through. If that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is.

–If the traffic was any worse, you might have missed that reservation at 8 you made using Resy. After starving in the airport for most of the day, you decided to splurge and snag a last-minute table at Alma in Downtown. And look at that, it’s right down the street from your place. After stuffing yourself silly, you take the rest of the night easy.

–The next morning you’re feeling a bit adventurous and need a way to offset last night’s heavy dinner. 5 Every Day, an app that suggests 5 unique activities or places to visit every day in LA, suggests a hike over at Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. LA is more than just beaches and high-rises, the natural beauty never ceases to amaze even the most local of locals. And with the Socal sunshine, the early morning is the perfect time to sneak in a quick workout.

–Post-hike you’re ready to chow down again, and there’s perhaps no better resource than Tastemade. After getting your fix of Korean, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Japanese or Persian food (or maybe all of the above?), it’s time for some more explorin’.

–It might be cool to check out the stuff around Hollywood or the Walk of Fame, but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, check back in with 5 Every Day (If you couldn’t already tell, we’re huge fans). There could be an art gallery opening, a pop-up concert or a secret Angeleno hideout to explore.

–As your day winds to a close, you find yourself watching the sunset over the city at the Griffith Observatory. You’ve made it just in time to see the sun fall behind the lights of Downtown LA. You did it. A whirlwind tour of LA.

Innovation, style and unlimited discoveries. These are the aspects of LA that I love, and I hope you got enough of a taste to come back for more.

Thanks to Ryan Lim for compiling.

I believe in Tom Izzo and Santa – It must be March

 I love March Madness. I don’t love the way the non-basketball committee chooses and seeds the teams, but I love the promise of the underdog, the Cinderella story and the grit and determination of a small group of leaders of young men that are the elite college coaches.

Tom Izzo is one of those leaders that helps to shape the character of his players, and his record of getting his players who stick with him for four years to a final four is un-matched. He keeps his teams focused on hard work, practice and preparation. His Speeches to his teams over the years are classics – “Just give me two hours, and you’re going to have 50, 60, 70 years of memories,” Izzo said. “Two hours, can you sacrifice, and reach down and give me two hours, so that you can have a lifetime of memories for you, your family, your kids and your kids’ kids? That’s the memories I’m talking about!”

As I re-read this article from TechCrunch it serves as a reminder that leaders need to understand what they ask of their teams and how you motivate your players comes from that depth of understanding and the experience that you bring to bear.

Like Player Coaches, Tech CTOs should know how to code

Obama and rain – what to look for at SXSWi

cropped-shutterstock_156983735.jpgSXSWi has been growing and getting more crowded. This year with construction, rain and President Obama speaking in a few hours from now being in traffic will be like sitting in a house by the side of the road, as Ernie Harwell used to say about batters looking at a pitch.

There’s the usual companies that go overboard with their lounges and parties, and expect to see a much larger international component this year:

Here’s the best overall guide to VR and Unicorns this year:

And, if you stay for the music – make sure to check out The Guardians insiders guide:

Skills we need to teach our kids

shutterstock_288233360Teaching our children to be intellectually curious, ask well formed questions and show an interest in the speaker or teacher could save our country. It’s generally understood that people who ask questions are considered more intelligent and engaged.

Most companies hold brainstorming sessions that identify solutions, but Hal Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center and coauthor of The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators, suggests holding “question-storming” sessions that think of nothing but questions about a problem for a given period of time.