4 strategies for news companies as mobile ads displace desktop exposure

There is fresh evidence that the migration of news readers to smart phones continues at a breakneck pace. Surely an ad bonanza for news providers will follow?

Unfortunately, maybe not.

Even without high-profile killer competitors like Monster, Craigslist and Google, news organizations are facing a potential disconnect with the growing base of smart phone advertising. Shoppers in stores, coupon clippers and online bargain hunters may find what they are looking for in visits altogether separate from checking the news.

David Payne, chief digital officer at Gannett, said in a recent interview with MediaPost, that USA Today now has “more people using our mobile products on a daily basis than looking at the newspaper.” So far so good, but transferring that to revenue growth will be trickier, Payne said, especially since tablets and smart phones are so different from each other, with phones shaping up as “a facilitator of m-commerce.”

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