5 reasons your brand still needs to pay attention to San Diego ComicCon

It’s hard to believe that a show that started 47 years ago with middle-aged men dressing up in spandex and capes is still gaining relevancy with consumer brands.

All you need to do is look at all the people playing Pokemon Go everywhere you look these days and see the huge succomic-con-2016cess Nintendo, adding $7.5b to their market value, has had with the release. The “overnight success” stories about John Hanke of Niantic. These stories alone are enough to convince any marketer that the type of launch velocity of any game, consumer product, or new technology can be massively impacted by fans.

Add to that the audience and brand extension growth for Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and (insert_name_here) sci-fi, fantasy and super hero major studio releases almost every month. Just look at the slate of off-site events this year at ComicCon!

So, why do brand marketers need to continue to pay attention?

1. 150,000 consumers attending a promotion and commerce driven event- without any compensation- the focus group to top all focus groups.

2. It’s not the nerd gathering anymore -it is an opportunity for creatives to interface directly with their fan base.

3. This is the “early adopter” set for every type of consumer electronics, multi-platform media play. The ultimate influencer groups for these products.

4. Retail product introductions. At the major shows in San Diego and NYC, manufacturers will have a straight line before Q4.

5. “It’s about gaming, stupid.” Seriously, stop and think about AR and the impact it’s made in the last few weeks. Gamers, gaming and how consumers interact in new environments is worth paying attention for all marketers.

And, remember, marketing is supposed to be that fun job that everybody thinks they can do. How else do you end up with quotes from Oliver Stone warning about Pokemon Go beginning an era of “Surveillance Capitalism.”