I believe in Tom Izzo and Santa – It must be March

 I love March Madness. I don’t love the way the non-basketball committee chooses and seeds the teams, but I love the promise of the underdog, the Cinderella story and the grit and determination of a small group of leaders of young men that are the elite college coaches.

Tom Izzo is one of those leaders that helps to shape the character of his players, and his record of getting his players who stick with him for four years to a final four is un-matched. He keeps his teams focused on hard work, practice and preparation. His Speeches to his teams over the years are classics – “Just give me two hours, and you’re going to have 50, 60, 70 years of memories,” Izzo said. “Two hours, can you sacrifice, and reach down and give me two hours, so that you can have a lifetime of memories for you, your family, your kids and your kids’ kids? That’s the memories I’m talking about!”

As I re-read this article from TechCrunch it serves as a reminder that leaders need to understand what they ask of their teams and how you motivate your players comes from that depth of understanding and the experience that you bring to bear.

Like Player Coaches, Tech CTOs should know how to code