Groovideo Launches Mobile App To Easily Create Awesome Group Videos

Ryan Lawler on TechCrunch

The mobile video space is heating up, as a number of startups have launched to help users create and share interesting videos with one another. To date, most have been limited to individual users uploading videos and posting them to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Maybe they can add filters, maybe automatically edit their videos and stitch them. But the idea of “social” video has been mostly limited to “Here, social friends and followers — watch my video.”

Groovideo has a different idea for how to make videos social, by letting users create awesome content together through its mobile and web apps. Groovideo works like this: Users invite their friends to contribute to videos, each shoot their own short clips, which they upload to Groovideo’s servers, and the startup automatically stitches them all together.
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