What are you really buying when you buy programmatically?

Chief AAEAAQAAAAAAAA2GAAAAJDQ0YWZkNTQ4LTdiYWYtNDY5Yy1iZmJmLWYwNjBmNjhmMTE5ZADigital and Chief Marketing Officers are enamored with all things programmatic. They tend to think of programmatic advertising as “fully automated” and “bargain display.” The reality is something very different.

Why is understanding the reality relevant to my marketing?

With the rise of native, place-based, mobile and video, it can be confusing trying to determine where to place your bets as a marketer. We’ve all read how Google has been working to rollout native programmatic and results are driving insane drops in cost-per-acquisition (CPA). The San Francisco Travel Association saw a 16x increase in hotel bookings along with a massive decrease in CPA. Just in the mobile space alone, marketers are expected to spend upwards of $15 billion programmatically, with in-app advertising being the key driver according to eMarketer. That’s a portion of the $22.39 being spent on mobile display, and more than was spent on radio, newspaper and magazine advertising combined in 2016. Programmatic is the way to reach all of your audiences regardless of channel.

Is it really all about the data?

Yes, it is, and, no, it isn’t. It’s true that you want a programmatic partnership with a company that understands data, technology and marketing automation. You also want to join forces to reach your target audience with companies that are engaged in human involvement with the data to draw conclusions on media efficiency and reducing wasted ad impressions.

Why NewBase Programmatic?

We understand how to use the years of experience of our programmatic teams to bring you better results and a higher return on your marketing investment (ROMI). Taking that expertise and automating and translating it into a transparent and unified view will power the new wave of programmatic audience insight marketing.

That’s why we developed NewBase:View, a product built on our proprietary platform, NewBase:AIM. It’s a different way to visualize analytics and insights from your data across all programmatic campaigns and turn it into a command and control console for your campaigns.

We also know how to take the data from each campaign and inform existing and future campaigns to help you reach your audience. Data insights that can only come from a company like NewBase that has the global experience with data, technology and marketing automation combined with local market expertise.


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Emotional Engagement for Brands in Mobile and Video Formats

In today’s world, the way we live our lives is pervaded by the significant changes and developments in technology. Mobile penetration has reached epidemic proportions globally and consumers now rely on their mobile devices for almost everything they do.

This is Why we set out to study the implications of Creative Advertising Formats and their influence on consumer perception and Brand Metrics.

The Format Effect Series is a two-part consumer research programme based on a partnership between Publicitas, Kantar Millward Brown and Huawei’s Honor smartphone brand. The research explores the level of consumer appeal of different mobile (Part I) and video (Part II) advertising formats, and measures the impact these formats have on key brand measures. The study also evaluates how a variety of digital ad formats make consumers feel, and how they trigger different reactions and emotions.

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Montreal Says Bonjour To Innovative Startups

Four startups are set to join InnoCité MTL’s third cohort. This Montreal-based accelerator deals with building smart city solutions.

Since launching, InnoCité MTL has chosen startups based on their relevance to the issues addressed by the six main programs of the Montreal Smart and Digital City 2016-2017 action plan. Those programs focus on public Wi-Fi, an ultra high-speed multi-service network, a smart city economic cluster, digital public services, smart mobility and participatory democracy. Also important, are the startup plan’s growth potential and quality. Now, the company has begun to look for urban innovation startups from outside the Montreal action plan.

 The four startups that have been selected include MLDB.ai, a company that uses AI to develop a 3-D real-time urban environment index.

Also included is Give-A-Seat, a charity platform that sells tickets to many events at cheaper prices, and We Grab It, a company that wants to minimize waste by recycling objects and materials that other people would discard, by gifting them to someone else who needs them. The fourth startup is City Parking, an SaaS platform that allows spot owners to rent out their private driveways and parking areas.

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