I. Presentation to the Festival of Media Brand Lab. NYC, Nov. 2017


II. Launch of NEWBASE brand.

III. Introduction to CPQ (configure-price-quote) product launch.

SWARM Demo by Colony Logic from Colony Logic on Vimeo.

IV. Colony Logic platform launch.

We Simplify. You Sell. from Colony Logic on Vimeo.



V.  Mosaic By Tribune: A project to launch a new type of photo navigated application on multiple platforms across the Tribune enterprise.


VI.  The Mobile Consumer Lifestyle: Implications for Marketers
Tablets are clearly here to stay. Tribune Company and Magid Advisors recently completed a study of consumer behavior with tablet devices and another on the mobile consumer lifestyle.

Andy Vogel from Tribune presented some of our latest research at the New York 2012 MMA Forum on the continued strength of established local media brands in the tablet environment.

A free copy of this is available here: The Mobile Consumer Lifestyle: Implications for Marketers

VII.  Mobile In A Minute – A start-up venture I ran inside the Los Angeles Times as VP of Emerging Media:

IX.  Integrate Mobile into a Broader Ad Campaign – Early presentation to ad agencies

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