Video, OTT, Data and more trends for 2019

Another year and we’ve finally moved away from “20XX will be the year of mobile.” Now you’ll more likely hear this year will be the year of AI, Data, or Voice. All are true.

We all likely learned from 2010-2014 the “…this will be the year of…” that all new methods of reaching consumers are converging this year. Whatever year that may be.

The fine folks at Criteo did a bang-up job of pulling together multiple industry sources as a guide post for 2019. They see the following:

  1. GDPR will drive data protection legislation globally
  2. Walled gardens will come under greater scrutiny
  1. Video ad spend will soar
  2. Brands and retailers will team up on data
  3. AI will gain wider adoption in digital marketing
  4. Digital ad operations will move more in-house
  1. Voice and visual tech marketing usage will grow

There’s no doubt that data will continue to be a rallying point for multiple consumer facing industries as they work hard to engage with shoppers and buyers across the spectrum.

See the full report from Criteo here.